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What were Caesar's Strategies?

What were Caesar's strategies, did he have any when it came to battle other than what everyone thinks of "Either win, or die Trying."  Yes Caesar did have a battle strategy.  His strategy would all depend on where he was fighting and where he was at for the battle.  In the Battle of the Gauls Caesar went in to his first battle against Pompey on July 10, 48B.C. in Dyrrhacium.  In the battle of  Pharsalus Caesar went up against pompey and his superior army and defeated them without trying much. Caesar ended up losing two hundred of his own men in the mist of that but he did beat Pompey and15,000 enemy soliders were killed this included 6,000 romans that died, 25,000 were captured, with all this caesar only lost 200 men in the mist of this.  This proves that he was a great military leader in the end if he managed to have only 200 of his men die.