Where Did Caesar Fight?

Caesar Fought at many places through out his military carer, he spent nine years in the Gauls where he concured many things such as taking out Pompey's army, only losing two battles while being in the Gauls, he was in the civil war for a couple years.  During the battle of Pharsulas Caesar came up against Pompey and though Pompey had a bigger army Caesar still managed to defeat him in battle.  Dring this battle Caesar chased Pompey into Egypt.  There Pompey was assasinated by the Egyptian government, Caesar later would have to defend him self aginst the egyptians.  There Caesar meet Cleopatra and fathered a child from her, he would stay for two years with her, but before he left Egypt he pronounced her as queen of Egypt. 


Year Place Winners(Comanders) Losers (comanders) 58B.C. Bibracte Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Helvetii (Orgetorix) 58B.C. Plain of Alsace Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Germans (Ariovistus) 57B.C. Sabis River Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Nervii 52B.C. Gergovia Gauls (Vercingetorix) Romans (G.Julius Caesar) 52B.C. Battle near Dijon hands initiative back to Caesar Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Gauls (Vercingetorix) 52B.C. Alesia Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Gauls (Vercingetorix) 48B.C. Dyrrhachium Romans (Cn. Pompeius Magnus) Romans (G.Julius Caesar) 48B.C. Pharsalus Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Romans (Cn. Pompeius Magnus) 47B.C. Alexandria Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Egyptians (Ptolemy III) 47B.C. Zela Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Pontus (Pharnaces) 46B.C. Thapsus Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Romans (Q.Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio) 46B.C. Munda Romans (G.Julius Caesar) Romans (Cn. Pompeius Magnus)   this is a listing of some of the battles that Caesar was in from 58B.C.-46B.C. while being in Gauls.