Dictator Caesar

After Caesar got out of the military he wanted to still feel like he was apart of the military by becoming the dictator of Rome there he could control the major political issues in the government.  He was elected in 46B.C. to be in control for the next ten years, he later annowenced that he was going to be in position for life.  The senate was angered with this idea and thought that Caesar was going to let all the power go to his head and that Rome might be in danger if he was the dictator for life.  The angered senate decided that the way to solve the problum was to take out Caesar by killing him or stripimg him of his power.  This didn't settle in the minds of the senate and they casme up with the idea to lure him to the Capitol and stab him.  The plan wouldn't have worked if Decius wouldn't have said that Calpurnia interperted her dream wrong, Caesar decied that she was wrong and he had to go to the Capitol and prove her wrong about the dream.  This didn't end up the way Caesar planed, this caused him to be stabed to death.  When he was lured in to the Capitol the senate gathered around him and stabed him to death, the final blow that killed him was done by his best friend Brutus.  This later on caused Brutus to kill him self because he couldn't deal with the pain of losing his best friend.  Even though he was having all the power go to his head, he did accomplish taking out all of the old corrupt systems that ran the roman republic and showed how the republic should be run.